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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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if you look past the tree there is a crew on the roof. that was another tree with the sizable limbs thrown on the roof of that home. it has done damage to the roof. there are homes to the left and the right of it with no damage at all. that is the case when you walk through here. but that is not the case when you walk closer to the path of the tornado. everything in the path of the tornado, there is a swath. damaged or destroyed. i did get to spend time with a man this afternoon named mark french. he and his wife woke. she woke him up saying there is a lightning show they need to watch. they heard rain and something. the home is torn apart. >> i can only say thank god we are alive. if this hit 30 feet to the left, we would be dead. this is what the bedroom would have looked like. jonathan: the bedroom stayed intact. it did. it missed us by the bedroom,
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it would have hit in the bedroom. where we both were. jonathan: how do you make sense of that? >> you tell me. i guess god loved me and hated me in the same night. how else can you say it? jonathan: clearly mark french's house took a direct hit. i tore the entire back half of the house on the other side of the wall is where he was asleep with his wife. miraculous it was untouched. they walked away. other thing that stands out is the damage. there is nothing left on the deck, in one piece. the glass pane is still intact and a potted plant sitting there untouched. when you talk to mr. french, he goes between having a really hard time dealing with what happened last night to just injecting a sense of humor realizing listen, he and his wife are alive. they were unscathed. that is the miracle, especially in light of when you see his house. his story is a s
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area. literally a few streets over from his home is a part of town hit very hard. brad bell spent time there this afternoon and he joins us live with the team coverage. brad? brad: we know the tornado was on the ground for two miles. you are off in that direction. i'm here. look, we are in the middle of the path of the tornado. you can see this very clear area of the broken trees. it's that direction. as we go here you can see it continues on up this street. just about every house is damaged. i want to show you something bizarre. you see bizarre things during the tornadoes. look at this. a straight line. this is the foundation for this home. this home. that has been moved back. five or six feet on this end. as much as 30 feet on that end. yet ill still stands. twisted, it will have to be
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the chainsaws roar and the broken trees fall, those survived the terror in the night tell their story. the tree fell through michelle pierce's roof on to her bed. >> it was like purple, yellows, oranges. brad: she grabbed her kids and tried to find a safe spot. >> the scariest experience we have ever had in my entire life. >> across the street, gordon bennett feared he might not make it. >> the noise was incredible. barely hear yourself. >> he emerged to find the neighborhood devastated by the twister. hundreds of trees are down. dozens of homes are damaged or destroyed. this house to an elderly man blown apart. stumbled out with only minor injuries. down the block, this house still standing but blown 20 feet
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the family inside grateful they survived the ride. >> i woke up to intense winds. things hit in the house. heavy rain. the house was vibrating so intense. brad: the young man said he tried to come down the stairs. the house was moving, shaking. he fell to the ground. you can see the utility crews here. they have a lot of work to do. so many lines to replace. i want to show you just how widespread it is in this community of bay city. this is buckingham drive. it goes on in that direction for another half mile or so. the path of the tornado is like this. every single home here, back there and over here suffered some degree of damage. jonathan, back to you. jonathan: all right, thank you for that. the scary part about this tornado is the timing.
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most of the time we get on the air with the severe alert or the tornado warning it's in the afternoon. this was 1:30 in the morning. most people were sound asleep or getting ready for bed. the only tell-tale signs was they started to see a lightning show. that is what everybody has been saying. they saw the crazy lightning and the storm blew in. in fact, right now as we are talking about severe thunderstorm warning is being issued. get right inside to steve rudin to get details. steve? steve: we posted it a minute ago. bringing it to you. this is for the district, arlington and alexandria and fairfax. the cells here, they are moving toward the east. at under 20 miles per hour. capable of producing gusty winds upward of 60 miles per hour. we are looking at the two cells here just west of fairfax city. then another one that is going to move up 95 to the mixing bowl of springfield. this is all moving off to
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east. not fast. 20 miles per hour. this warning box that includes mclean and tysons and the district, arlington, alexandria, rosslyn and cherrydale. this is until 5:45. another 40 minutes to go. keep you updated. the storms through the east. now back to jonathan. jonathan: thank you. severe thunderstorm warnings is the last thing folks need in stevensville. this was terrifying for folk in the area. you get a swath of the tornado. this was two miles long and 150 yards wide.
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touching, it destroyed. it would destroy a home and then untouched. the national weather service come in after a storm like this. and first light. they have to do the detective work. they have to figure out do they see a circulation or the trices are twist and blown apart. we got to talk to the national weather team who was here to see if it was wind or tornado. josh? josh: a lot of folks said it must have been a tornado. that is what they said, too. let me paint the picture. if you are not sure where we are, that is the bay bridge. we are on the southside. there was a water spout over the by a. came on shore. turned into a tornado. continued to move on land.
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the boat was just bought a month ago. it was flipped over. it was on a lift and now it's upside down. we continue to track on land where the storm went. you can see the beginning of the trees. some in the distance sheered apart at the top. another one here. that is a sign for them that it was a tornado. let me show you another version and another way to look at that. we will switch here. you saw this from skytrak. now there is more marking for you. two miles long, the 125-mile-per-hour winds. and the 150 yards wide. that is really important. you look at the damage. this really does spread out that much. some of it is bad across the area. if numbers like that, i want to ask the weather service how it compares to what they see around the area. >> we conclude it's an ef-2, higher than most of the tornadoes in the mid-atlantic. northeast area. typically the ef-0 and the
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ef-1. >> that is great for the area. most of the tornadoes we get are weak. this is on the higher end of the charts for what we are used to seeing in the region. the damage is cleaned up. the sounds you are hearing, the chainsaws and the helicopter taking a look at this. we will be back at 6:00 with more behind the science. how it went from a severe thunderstorm in annapolis and turned into a devastating tornado across the bay. that's coming up. but for now, back inside. larry: thank you. it's another hot and a humid afternoon. a lot of folks are outside. cleaning up the neighborhoods. the friends are elping them clean up. they can't run inside to get cool. there is no power. out from 8,000 to 10,000 people without power. that could drag on for a week. coming up later in the newscast, stephen tschida is spending time with a family that hunkered down as the storm hit. the stories they tell, give you goosebumps.
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but back to you inside. larry: thank you, jonathan. breaking news in arlington where the police are investigating the depth of two people found inside a north arlington home. richard reeve is live on the scene. what have you learned so far? >> moments ago you can see the detectives now are entering the home inside there. they have to get a search warrant after the initial call that went out. they found two deceased people inside. they believe this is isolated incident. neighbors tell us two elderly folks in the 80's live inside the house. they had not been seen for a couple of weeks.
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there is no public threat. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. steve: i want to give you another update. this includes fairfax. it's moving east. at around 20 miles per hour. capable of producing gusty winds. this line stretches out to manassas. those areas are not under the warning and the storm is not as intense. the temperatures will fall through the 80's moving to the evening hours. this is going to fall for the next several days.
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it's moving east at 20 miles per hour. a full update in 20 minutes. larry: thank you, steve. they have spent month fighting for their child's life but now they say they have run out of options. larry: the outcome for those trying to get in the country any way they could and how they fought for every breath of air. larry: bringing hundreds of green jobs to northwest d.c. larry: but first, fire ripping through a fairfax county gas station and now there is more information about the driver. next. "abc7 news at 5:00". i am totally blind. and for years i've struggled with non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that can turn my sleep cycles upside down. it kept me from doing the things i truly love to do.
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interest financing makes every decision that much easier. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. i'm going to the movies with britney. hurry in...these savings end soon. havertys. life looks good. larry: update now from richmond highway near mount vernon. we have learned no charges will be filed after a driver crashed into a gas bump igniting this fire. amazingly, no one was hurt. you can hear the emergency crews that are responding there. the gas station and the car were seriously damaged. larry: hundreds of low-income
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solar power to a move that will put hundreds to work. d.c. bureau chief sam ford explains. sam: surrounded by steps at trinidad, mayor bouzer announced solar works d.c. job program providing seniors free solar. >> just last week we have awarded over $13 million in solar related grants. >> the homeowner in this case, 67-year-old amy. >> we decided to go this way to save money. i'm a retiree. it saved money. sam: the people that did the work included young people. among 13,000 youth the city hired in the summer jobs program. >> the d.c. government is the perfect fit. they need something for thousands of the summer workers to do. this work requires lots of hands. sam: they were youth workers last summer and now they a
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>> we did it thursday. the hottest day of the year. we are working over there. like i'm about to die and pass out. sam: the question is this. when this is all over do you go out and say hire me? i have experience. >> yes. yes. >> i'm happy to make it a career full-time. after the summer job i plan to go on straight work. >> job opportunities for the young people and amy will be an ambassador to tell her neighbors. steve: we have a densely populated area. arlington, fairfax. got off the phone with fairfax. there is heavy rain and hail but it's nothing tremendously strong in terms of the gusty winds. good news there. however, we still have t
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until 5:45. this is looking toward the storm from national harbor. you can see the skies are darker out there. looking over toward old town alexandria. you are under severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45. the temperatures are slowly cooling down. especially where we have had the rain to the west of us. it's 70 in oakland. i suspect the 88 we see at reagan national airport will change dramatically over the next hour or so. as the storm advances east. this is the wider view. you can see the showers and the thunderstorms are popping up here at allegany and washington county. 25 minutes or so. it includes falls church and the district and arlington to national airport. and the oldtown alexandria. this is all moving toward the east at
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mainly producing gusty winds and the hier downpours and it's not going to last long. fairfax city, just to the west of us. you are now in the clear. i suspect the back edge of the warning may come down before 5:45. terms of hail, we have had reports of a little hail mixing in with the storms. that convert us to the doppler radar. across west of the tysons. where we have the report of the hail at this hour. oakton and vienna. but nothing terribly strong in terms of the large in terms of the size of hail. last week we saw the hail size of quarter dollars. nothing like that out there now. let's slice and dice the storm for you. we will show what we are looking at. l.a. night we head tornadoes rolled through. we had the storms and the cloud tops upward of 50,000, 60,000 feet. these are around 20,000 to
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this is close to the radar at dulles. so this is a little tighter for us. but we have stronger storms that are now moving off toward the east, to the old-up to area. i suspect -- the old town area. i suspect we'll see a ground delay at reagan national airport in half hour to 45 minutes and that will slow things down dramatically. for this evening, temperatures in the 80's. isolated storms. it will come to an end. winds are at the northwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. widespread temperatures but it's not as humid. cooler north and the winner suburbs. lower to the middle 60 it in downtown d.c. around 70 to 72 degrees. the skies will clear out. for the day tomorrow, umbrella huh-uh. not needing them. sunglasses all day long. the highs tomorrow are below
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we have three home games starting tomorrow night, tuesday and wednesday are looking great. hotter for the day on thursday. that game starts after the noontime hour. ten-day outlook shows the middle 80's for tuesday and wednesday. 90 on thursday. cold front slides through on friday. that is going to cool us down for the upcoming weekend. the temperatures are near average for this time of year to next week. we will continue to update you on the severe thunderstorm warning. this is moving toward the district in arlington. if you are folks with flights coming in now, they will probably be delayed a little bit. larry: thank you. nancy: a lot of keep track of. larry: this also has our attention. for 32 years a constant for microsoft users everywhere. this fall it will be hard drive in the sky. nancy: plus, we go back to the damage on kent island. hundreds of homes damaged. thousands without power. century's old tree left next. larry: first,
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in an attempt to get in the u.s. how survivors managed to
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nancy: there were hundreds trapped inside tractor trailer. they were pounding on the wall to get the driver's attentions and q mccray has the latest developments. this is horrific. q: it's tragic all around. the latest reports that the victims could have been in the truck for hours with the temperatures as hot as 140 degrees. we know as many as 100 undocumented people crammed in with the a.c. not working. we have confirmed that ten people have died. officials say 30 people including two people rushed to the hospital. some suffering from brain damage. get this as we just mentioned the victim only had a hole in the trailer wall to get fresh air. they started taking turns breathing from the hole. one of the victims alerted a wal-mart worker about what was going on and dialed 911. >> they were in the trailer
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heat stroke and dehydration. q: today the suspected driver james matthew bradley is from florida. he was in federal court. for the immigrants, they are reportedly from mexico and central america. that is the latest on the satellite center. i'm q mccray. >> thank you for that. statue of a confederate seasonal will have a new home. over the weekend, montgomery county lifting the statue off the ped central next to the courthouse in rockville. the 13-ton statue will be relocated on private property. the removal cause protest. they did not announce the move beforehand. nancy: coming up at 5:00, why parents who have taken a fight to save their son are now giving up on the fight. jonathan: i'm jonathan elias live in stephen stevensville, maryland. a tornado came through ovni
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steve: want to give you update on the thunderstorm warning. it's shaved down in size and scope so a smaller area that no longer includes old town alexandria. but it includes mclean and tysons corner. that i
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experimenting the strongest winds now. around the potomac we have the winds around 30 miles per hour. this is eventually making its way to cherrydale and rosslyn and georgetown and then downtown d.c. all of this should be out of here over the next half hour or so. it will begin to weaken a bit but you may find small hail and gustier winds. but the good news is it won't last terribly long. ed adyson heights looking toward the g.w. parkway. right over here. this is moving east. if you are in rosslyn or georgetown the skies are getting darker but the good newts is it won't last much longer. severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45. we will keep you updated. you can always download the stormwatch7 weather app and head to
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[thunder] jonathan: that got a lot of people's attention last night. this was college park overnight and the wave of a small part of the storm. the bigger storms moving further east. that caused the devastation. stevensville is the epicenter for the most damage from last night after a tornado touched down. if you want to see the extend of the damage you have to go to kent island. we are live in stevensville where they did confirm an ef-tornado. it had gusts up to 125 miles per hour. it left a two-mile swath about 150 yards wide. the damage extensive. some homes were flattened. others torn apart. in the same area find homes untouched. back live here you can see over my shoulder. they are working on this tree, shoring up the roof to try to put tarps up. you heard steve talk about a second ago, steve rudin said a severe thunderstorm warning is creeping their way. they are not taking any
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last night's tornado when it rolled in, stephen tschida talked to a family that huddled together and rode the tornado out. stephen: utter devastation in the town home development. check it out. you can see the debris, the siding ripped off of the houses. roof. and the two town homes torn off and slammed to the ground. tornado came fast. hit hard and left those in the path stunned. >> the sound was scary. >> it ripped across kent island tearing a century's old tree apart and tossing it to the ground. >> it takes forever to get this size. >> the path of destruction extended across the island. the damage and the looming clean-up. daysed owners of shatters homes. >> i can't comprehend this now. stephen: some wondering what to do now. >> i have only seen t
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stephen: others shaken by how close they came to disaster. >> by the time i went to the bedroom door the tree had fallen on the house. >> the neighbors raced outside as soon as the tornado passed. >> it's traumatic event. >> they focused on the most heavily damaged town home where a family with a small child lived. thomas relieved to see them staggered from the debris. >> baby in hand that was covered in insulation. >> a lot of relief in the townhome development. a lot of concern when the clean-up which just commenced will finish and when the repairs to the homes will complete and the occupants able to return home. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: amazing when you see damage and understand people were inside the homes when the tornado hit and no one was killed. amazing. stormwatch7 weather team alwayso
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you. just go to now. you can sign up to them send you text messages anytime there is a severe weather outbreak. your phone will buzz and it will tell you have the area affected. you can literally watch the radar to assess when it will hit your area. great resource. it's free. download that. especially the season we are in now. here in this area where we have seen so much damage and devastation. coming up at 6:00, we is more from the area and what folks can expect next as they continue the clean-up. that is coming up next. back to you. nancy: now a story on an update to a story we brought you last week. a woman turning herself in after she left a 2-year-old by himself at potomac mills. crystal lundy runs a daycare, ebenezer christian academy. a week ago the police were called to a mall after a johnor found the boy -- janitor found the boy sleeping in a stroller. she came back to a mall. more than an hour
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once she realized the boy was missing. the parents have pulled boy from the daycare. larry: amongst long legal battles 11-month-old charlie gard has come to an end. the parents say they will not look to send him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. the parents burst into tears when they announced the decision. >> the battle is over. >> charlie's devote and loving parents decided it's in charlie's best interest that the treatment will not happen and let him go to be with the angels. >> through the tears, she said her son is not brain dead and earlier treatment would improve the quality of life. >> had he been given the treatment sooner he had potentially be normal little boy. we have to live with that for the rest of our lives. >> that's at the center of the controversial trial. wa
5:36 pm
give charlie a chance at life that the parents argued or should he be allowed to die with dignity as the hospital argued? it's every parent's worst nightmare. the pain on their faces recognizable across the world. 11-month-old charlie suffers from a rare my toe -- mitochondrial disease. and a doctor flu to exam him later this week but the latest can certain revealed that the damage has been done and it was now too late. >> we love you. >> in two weeks, charlie would have been 1 years old and now he has been put palliative care and left to die. larry: so very sad. next at 5:00, you might have just paid for the summer vacation but you might want to
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for christmas. "7 on your side" team tracking flights for holidays. >> police need your help to catch a robbery suspect. the "7 on your side" wall of justice is next. >> the kennedy center is correcting a 20 to 0-year mistake -- 200-year mistake. coming up, find out what
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steve: severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the next seven minutes. the worst part of the storm is now outside of the warning box. so, even though we have a box right here for seven corners and mclean, it's now over with for you in terms of the stronger storm. good news there. but the storm is capable of producing gusty wind, heavier downpours and light night here and -- lightning here and there. not a t
5:39 pm
northwest d.c., heavy rain. cabin john, give it ten or 15 minutes and your skies will clear out a lot more. head to the south a tiny bit. we are looking at a few showers, heavier rain downtown d.c. all of this moves to the east and behind it is a whole lot better out there. we are going to keep the warm and the humid conditions moving through the evening hours. once again the severe thunderstorm warning does remain in effect until 5:45. it's likely to cancel out maybe expand a little bit off toward the north and the west. chillum around 5:40. takoma park at 5:41. berwyn and berwyn heights at 5:48. we'll keep you
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have a special alert from the prince george's county police department. this guy here has a gun and wants cash. he is targeting convenience stores. with his hood, mask and the gloves on entering the store on a summer night, the clerk knew he was trouble from the start. the overhead view shows the clerk tossing money on the counter. the suspect shoves it in his pocket but he wasn't satisfied. he wavers his gun as he demands --
5:42 pm
and demands the cash door. the heist takes 30 seconds. they do not have a clear look at his face, police hopes that someone will recognize his posture and walk. call the prince george's police department if you have information about him. now take a look at the wall of justice. the loudoun county detectives want earl jennings for unlawful filming. he was caught on video up-skirting. and montoya is facing assault and child abuse charges. in calvert county charles ed guard thomas is facing escape, theft, and driving with a suspended license charges. also law enforcement there searching for melissa west herland wanted for child -- westmoreland wanted for child neglect. jackson is wanted for allegedly roughing up his ex-girlfriend and putting a gun in her face. if you recognize the fugitives, go ahead and call police. i'm q
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edition of "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. nancy: still ahead at 5:00, the program that has come with every windows computer ever made that could be put out to pasture. also ahead, ten months into a project that shut down a major commuter route. we get upclose look at what is done and when beach drive will reopen. larry: it's not to early to think about travel come holidays. "7 on your side" with the right time to buy.
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chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. nancy: christmas come in july. in the middle of a heatwave, you probably are not thinking about santa and the selves or going to see grandma for the holidays but you should be. the best time to book your end of the year holiday vacation is time is now. take notes because he has our guide to save big bucks. horace: many of us having finished off paying off the well-deserved summer vacation yet. but right now may be the best time to think about vacation again. >> the best place to go in the wintertime. >> your year end holiday vacation.
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trip? >> next three months. >> that is way too late if you want the best deals. according to the travel experts strike now, while the iron is hot. >> the airlines want to sell as many seats as possible as early as possible. >> this is michael of the adam travel in d.c. who says if you want to save hundreds of dollars and get lowest prices on the air fare to get to grandma's house for thanksgiving or christmas book between now and early september. that is tip number one. we asked juan to plan a trip for the thanksgiving holiday. plus the domestic air travel booked through online travel site. >> direct flight. >> tip number two. search for the best fare on many travel sites as you can. search the airlines website. consumer checkbook analyst says the website like cheap flights or have fare trackers. use them. >>
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kayak it will tell you this is the right time to buy or wait. >> the best price we found for direct flights from d.c. to kansas city was $318 round trip. $100 to $150 cheaper than if you book in late october or november. you can save even more. >> one way to find a bargain is really be flexible when you fly and where you fly. >> tip number three. be flexible. i have a void flying on the weekend. >> friday. >> friday are more expensive. >> so leave on thanksgiving morning and come back the following monday. the best fare is $290. a big additional savings for a family of four. for the family traveling back home after finishing up the summer stay in d.c. -- >> you think about the next one already. >> always think about the vacation. >> spending now will make hawaii in christmas more than a dream. i'm horace holmes. abc7 news. nancy: good advice. to find out tips g
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health matters. money can't buy love. but happiness that is a different story. people who spend more of the money on the purchases to save time are happier than those who don't. that includes hiring cleaners or paying someone else to cook. study held true regardless of the income. nancy: this has a lot of people talking. program computer class time killer for a generation is now on the chopping block. microsoft could soon be removing paint from the next update to windows 10. the drawing program has been a staple of windows since it was first launched in 1985. now this move has not been confirmed yet. but the next version of windows is due this fall. larry: get back out to steve rudin, the meteorologist now for a look at what is going on now. there is more crazy weather on the way. >> good news. severe thunderstorm warning that we had issued at the top of the hour is canceled out. it's expired. fure minutes ago -- four
5:50 pm
the skies are still dark across northern virginia and montgomery county. heavier downpours are out there. reagan national, the temperature hasn't changed. even though they had a little rain. hanging on to 88 degrees. show you stormwatch7 satellite and radar. we were telling you you about the scattered showers and thunderstorms. moving through the evening hours. some will be stronger as we have seen around the immediate metro area. this is a storm moving across bethesda. very brief. not extremely gusty. not strong enough to reissue or expand the warning again. if you are in bethesda or silver spring right over here. you are going to find the skies darken quickly. you will find yourself under heavier downpour. tonight the temperatures fall to 80's. otherwise it's warm and muggy and sticky. winds are out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. for the overnight. widespread temperatures.
5:51 pm
tomorrow we look good. grab sunglasses heading out the door. we need them with the daytime highs in the middle to the upper 80's. the lower humidity levels and a look at the ten-day outlook. the temperatures are around 90 on thursday. cold front friday. that will cool us down to the middle 80's on saturday and sunday. we will stay in the 80's next week. nancy: looks good. thank you. larry: all right. coming up at 4:00, erin hawksworth is here. erin: we are less than three days away from the start of redskins training camp in richmond. the skins enter the off-season knowing they need to fill holes. running back, safety. defensive line and soon we find out if they did enough. here is the first look at the training center in richmond. the tents and the equipment are set up and ready for the players and the fans to arrive. sports sunday, scott abraham asked the s.b. nation tim murray about some
5:52 pm
storylines heading in to camp. >> there are so many different things to pay attention to. i think maybe no, ma'am one is jonathan allen -- maybem in one is jonathan allen. he is expected to be immediate impact. so seeing jonathan allen and what he brings to the table. will he be the immediate impact. i'm curious. if the folks are college football fan you know the name jonathan allen. local guy. who the redskins were able to grab in the fourth round from oklahoma, pejrone, he is the single season record holder for yards in a game. set back to the freshman season. the all-time rushing leader. how much is he going to push robert kelly for starting role? >> jackson, garcon gone. terrell pryor and josh docson in. how is kirk cousins going to adjust to the dar get -- targets?
5:53 pm
this year. we expect terrell pryor, the numbers were fantastic but he was a main target. so you expect him to continue to go in the right direction. remember josh is a first round pick and he has to hit. he has to contribute for them to be successful. the loss of jackson and garcon is noticeable. but to limit that blow you need josh docson in the sophomore campaign to be a contributor. erin: good stuff. you can watch the abc7 sports sunday every sunday at 11:35 right here. this is a big week for us. we will recap the first few days of training camp. i'll be there in richmond starting wednesday. larry: down there it was so hot. erin: so hot. larry: hopefully the better weather for you and the redskins, too. >> it's still going to be hot. larry: thanks. up next at
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your bike ride or the commute. de
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larry: ten months after construction workers shut down beach drive for a malice i rehab project, we are getting an upclose look at the progress of the three-year project. brianne carter looks at the progress and when the first section of the roadway will reopen. brianne: a smoother commute on beach drive whether you are on four wheels or two. for the past ten months the national park service has been rehabbing the section of the road which carries 12 million trips annually. now it's slated to open next month. today abc7 got a firsthand look at the improvement. which include new asphalt on the road and the adjacent trail. >> great thing about the multiuse trails we widened it two feet. it will be a smoother ride, run and walk for all of those using it every day. >> the tunnel has been
5:58 pm
the crews replaced new trials and slightly narrowed the road to make it safer for folks on the trail. imagine walking through the tunnel. three feet of space below you. traffic 35 miles per hour coming through the tunnel. there is no protection. now a new fix for that. a new guardrail and a wider path for pedestrians and cyclists. >> something you may not notice are new asphalt. >> wert drains through it. fewer puddles. >> the new technique to slow the water flow. >> mine mizes the flooding and improves the water quality and it will minimize the erosion. >> the project is said to be on time and budget. as soon as the first phase reopens to traffic next month, another stretch will close. michelle: storm damage across the bay in
5:59 pm
we take you inside the devastation with the stormwatch7 team coverage. the flag mistake at the kennedy center. find out who caught the wrong date and why it was fixed today. >> because my microchip is now my credit card. michelle: it sounds like a futuristic movie but a company is actually planning to put a license chip in employees' hands. why they are actually volunteering to do it. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: good evening. ef-2 tornado now confirmed in queen anne's county. jonathan: yeah. homes destroyed. trees toppled. in one case a boat was lifted out of water and put in someone's backyard. a mess here in maryland and the clean-up does begin. to give you an idea of the force of the tornado, that is a red oak. 300-year-old-plus tree. landmark tree.
6:00 pm
because of the tree. you see it didn't come out because of the roots. it was twisted in half and snapped. the home, they had taken the branches off the roof. there is damage to the roof. but the folks woke up. they got to see the damage to the tornado. it's extensive. in some cases the homes are destroyed and in the other cases it's a lot of clean-up. we are in the bay area area. to my right. quarter mile in the area that are now gone. >> we are up the path of the tornado from where you are. this is a man's bedroom. this jumble of the lumber and the debris on the other side of that is where an elderly man was in this home and he managed to get out.


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